wood siding

Wood siding – How to clean it

Is your wood siding looking aged?


A fresh paint coat can work wonders! Or perhaps, your wooden clapboard, siding shingle or lap simply are in need of a good clean.

Many homeowners choose wood for the unrivalled appearance. Similar to other siding materials, wood requires frequent maintenance. Particularly with wood, the challenge for you is to try to avoid doing any harm in your attempts to maintain your wood.

In any event, to pump a new lease of life into your wood siding, it’s most likely that water alone simply won’t get the job done — you’ll need to also get the elbow grease out and scrub the wood. A multi-featured

attachment for your garden hose might be a good option and would include everything you need to get that beautiful satisfying result.

Below, I have outlined the 5 steps for how you can safely clean wood siding in an effective way, and all using a few simple tools!

5 Steps To Cleaning Your Wood Siding

  1. Preparation

Before you go cleaning your wood siding, protect anything that may be prone to water damage. Safety First! Any light fixtures or power outlets should be covered.

Make note of any particularly bad or dirty areas to return to.

  1. Start spraying

Point your multipurpose hose tool, finger on the trigger and start spraying water to cleanse against the dirt on your wood siding. From the roofline, work downwards.

  1. Tackle that mold

If you encountered old only our initial spraying, you need to get rid of it now. Using a cleanser, treat the mold. Many people use white vinegar as an alternative to a shop-bought product.

  1. Scrub that stubborn dirt

For any stubborn dirt engrained into the wood, use a scrub brush to really lift that dirt out of it. This will get right into the crevices and allow your wood to breathe again.

  1. The finish

Rinse off any wood where you applied a mold treatment. If you only used water throughout the whole clean, then consider yourself complete, once you have sprayed the entire wood exterior.

Finally, remember!

  • Don’t use a pressure washer unless you are very familiar with it’s use and power!
  • If using a pressure washer, allow yourself enough distance not to be too close or you will damage your wood
  • Treat the mold properly as you find it.
  • Rinse down and enjoy a new lease of wood siding life!